'11 US Team Race Nationals

Dear Board Members of NHSF,

On behalf of Greg and The SoCal Trojans, I wanted to say thank you for your continued support of our sailing along with the specific support of the SoCal Trojans for the US Team Race Nationals (Hinman Trophy) held in Houston, TX. The event proved to be one of the best Hinman Trophies to date.

The top 15 teams from around the country were selected and one team from the UK. The fleet consisted of 7 College Sailors of the Year, over a dozen college All-Americans and a large number of rock star team racers. Like I said, one of the deepest and hardest Hinman's to date.

Houston Yacht Club put on a great show with an enormous amount of hospitality and great sailing conditions. On average the air temperature was hovering around the low to mid 80's and the breeze ranged from 5 to 12 knots. The ideal team race conditions. So the stage was set for an event to remember.

There was a new format this year that caused some controversy. The format consisted of a single round robin followed by a top 6 to seed the teams, and finished off with the finals. This proved to be incredibly challenging for the competitors as there were long stints of time on land and conversely mixed blocks of racing. This made it very hard to get in a groove or worse if you were in a rut to get out of it. The latter happened to us.

On the first day of racing, well let's say we waited all day to get 2 races off. We ended the day 1-1. So that meant we had to complete all our races on the second day. We came out with a bang, beating 2 of the top teams; Woonstocket Rockets (recently placed 3rd at the Team Race World Championships) and Seattle Side Show (who inevitably ended up 4th in the event). We were feeling good and ended our morning session with 4 wins and 2 losses.

After our morning session, came our largest block of races against the best teams in the fleet. Let's say we got in a rut and weren't able to fight our way out of it. We dropped 4 in a row. Without anytime to really regroup we found ourselves trying to gather our composer to move on and inevitably were unsuccessful. We ended the round robin just outside the top 6 and in good company. On the final day we watched the racing and cheered on our friends.

It was a great event, with great comrade and competition. Thank you again to the NHSF and all of its supporters for helping Greg and I compete with the SoCal Trojans at the Hinman Championship.

Finally, A big congrats to Charlie Buckingham and the Minor Threat for taking home the Championship.


Mikee Anderson-Mitterling