Fall Training

Friends, Supporters, and Fans.

It has been a very busy couple of months following a successful summer after winning the North American Championships.

August was filled with a long, intense month of fitness training at the US Sailing Center in Miami, Florida, working with the Jaguar Therapeutics staff. My coach Trey and I had some very specific goals to accomplish particularly to improve hiking posture and explosiveness, a key technique to help my speed in the stronger winds. Typically the workout stated with a 15 minute bike ride to the gym, an hour and half workout, followed by another hour or so of recovery, stretch, and physical therapy to properly get ready for the next day, and a 15 minute bike ride back home. Combine this with eating right along with more recovery and stretching at home, I could see and feel the changes happening to my body. This went on for four weeks, and huge gains were made.

September, I continued working on the gym program, but also got myself back into the racing after 6 weeks of being out of the boat. I went to Qingdao, China for the Sailing World Cup event. My rustiness from being out of the boat showed, particularly in the strategic and tactical decisions and finished a disappointing 24th. It was a very light and fickle week of sailing with tricky current patterns. However, I was not too bummed about the result because I knew it was not my best sailing, and the time off from sailing was well spent on key areas of weaknesses, which will be much more important in the long run.

October rolled around and it was heavy on the water training. I went down to Cabarete, Dominican Republic and got settled into 2.5 weeks of hard sailing in generally strong winds and big ocean swells, the exact formula of conditions I needed to practice in. My coach Javier "Rulo" Borojovich pushed me hard, and by the end my mind and body were shot. We could see the results from the gym work and how much my hiking posture and power improved, but there is still more work to be done. My technique became more and more "precise" as Rulo would say, and I can't wait to get back down there again in January. Attached is a picture of training there last month.

I took a couple days off to recover and then start another hard block of fitness, still working on the strength, but really starting to incorporate the cardio and muscular endurance aspect of the program. This started about two weeks ago, and the cardio will continue all the way through the Olympic trials, properly peaking my body for peak performance. I spent the last few days driving my car cross country from home to Miami, the third year in a row I have made this trip. Today was the first day on the water, along with a double session of lifting and cardio before and after sailing. This routine will continue until the end of the month. Surely my mind and body will be tired again. However by putting in these hours now, particularly training here at the site of the first half of the Olympic trials, will make me that much more comfortable in the long run.

Thank you all for your gracious support and I am glad to hear how much you enjoy these reports. I will keep them coming as much as I can without cluttering your inbox too much!

Gonna keep on keeping on.