2015 29er Nationals & 29er Worlds

Dear Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation,

Thank you for allowing me to continue my sailing career this past summer as I traveled around the world. After competing in numerous unexpected regattas, I would not have been able to do any of it without your help.

Throughout my traveling I learned a lot about my sailing on and off of the water. I consistently found myself to be improving my race to race game plan as I sailed more and more against a wider variety of boats. I feel that this summer proved to be a essential year of growth in my sailing because of the variety of boats I was able to sail. I now have realized that switching sailing mentalities from boat to boat is an essential aspect to round out your boat handling and tactics. Since many fundamental aspects can be carried from boat to boat, I was able to carry over stuff learned in 29er's to the laser, which proved very vital for success.

Continuing through summer, I soon found myself traveling to Wales for the 29er Worlds and UK Nationals. During both events, I improved my tactics while attempting to learn and survive the crazy conditions dealt to us. Although the sailing was spectacular and I learned a lot, one of my favorite parts of the trip was all of the new friends and connections I made. I not only revisited friends I met in the last few years, but I also made a bunch of new friends from Spain, Australia, Estonia, Sweden, New Zealand, and many other countries.

It is experiences like these that truly make the best sailors in the world who they are today. After a summer of sailing in all types of conditions - flat water and 30 knots to seven foot seas and 25 knots - I believe that I have become a much more well rounded sailor. Not only has my boat handling drastically improved from a variety of conditions, but I now have the confidence to correctly position myself on a starting line with over 60 of the best boats in the world.

Thank you for all your help,
Rhodes Garner