2015 29er Nationals & 29er Worlds

Dear Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation,

Thank you so much for the generous grants that allowed me to sail all over the country and world this summer! I started off at the Youth champs, where we finished 5th. After being in second after the first day, we were a little bummed with the result, but excited for the rest of the summer. The next event was at the Columbia River Gorge, where we finished ninth because my crew got sick and we were unable to finish the last half of the last day. We were bummed because we were in contention to podium, but health definitely comes before results. I then sailed the 29er nationals with Rhodes (my crew from last year) because Evan Heffernan (my usual crew) was too sick to attend. We happily finished third after three days of 15-24 knots in big chop. The peak of the summer definitely was the 29er worlds in Pwllheli, Wales. I sailed with Rhodes at a whopping 350 lbs (49er weight!). We sailed well and qualified for gold in the breeze, but struggled in the light air of the finals part of the event. The last two races were a windy 18-20 knots and we were excited as we finished with a 9 and a 4. Overall this summer allowed me to travel all over on my own and I would like to thank you for making this amazing experience possible.

Jacob Rosenberg