Laser 4.7 World Championships

Dear Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation,

Dear Mr. Person,

I would like to thank the Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation for the generous contribution. The assistance I received was greatly appreciated, as it enabled me to compete in the Laser 4.7 World Championships which was being held at Karatsu, Japan. The regatta was a thrilling experience and it introduced me to the whole new world of international sailing.

Traveling to the Worlds was an eye opening experience. It allowed me to make new friends, nationally and internationally. Training started the day I stepped into Laser in February 2014 and eventually led to my Mid Winter West regatta and Laser North Americans. North Americans really set me up for the upcoming months of summer, mainly because it made me realize I wasn't even close to the level I needed to be. Summer starts and so does training. I sail everyday from 9-4 and we often had fun, but grueling workouts. I felt ready at the end of the summer and was prepared to take on Karatsu, Japan's worst. Turns out that a super typhoon with gusts of over 160 knots blew through right before the regatta, making sailing a little bit interesting in the near nothing wind conditions. All in all, the regatta was a wonderful experience for me and it raised my sailing knowledge exponentially.

Thank you again for supporting my sailing endeavor.

Joseph Hou