Greer Wattson Summer 420's

Dear Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation,

I would like to thank you for the sponsorship you have provided me this summer. I have traveled from coast to coast being able to do the sport I love and that is all because of you. I have had the pleasure to travel to Chicago for the 420 National Championship, to Buffalo Canoe Club in Ontario, Canada for the 420 North American Championship and to Newport, Rhode Island for the US Sailing Youth Championship.

It has been quite the summer to remember. This summer I crewed for Scott Sinks from SDYC, we had been training long and hard in the 420 and were hoping to do some damage in the 420 fleet this summer. We did not do quite that. In Chicago with some unpromising breeze under 5 knots, the race committee was unable to get off the appropriate amount of races. This gave the thought of a second throw out, out of the question. This also gave boats such as us a tougher time to hike up in the standings considering we had an OCS and a floater race that did not go our way. We sailed strong the last day of the regatta, racking up two top ten finishes moving us up in the results. On our way to Canada, we stopped in Buffalo and got to see Niagara Falls!!! That was pretty sweet. We then met our parents in Buffalo and drove across the border. We had much more breeze there with wind up to 30 knots the first day. We were able to sail 3 solid races in the top five but unfortunately one being an OCS. We continued to sail well but unfortunately were over again. Our fantastic finishes were unable to outride our over early races leaving us to only finish 15th out of over 100 boats. After an east coast adventure we flew home to sail the CFJ National Championship in Cabrillo Beach and oh boy was it windy. Scott and I hiked our hearts out and sailed to win the national title. This was a big confidence booster for us as a team. A few weeks later we journeyed east again but this time to the other Newport, Newport, Rhode Island. Newport, Rhode Island was absolutely gorgeous but light winds and interesting rain showers made for some fun. We only got off one race the first day, one we do not need to go into further detail about but the next few days we had some better finishes and some better weather. This regatta seemed topsy turvy in the 420 fleet. Boats that typically sail the best, sailed their worst and vice versa, we fell into that category but we had a ball doing it.

Overall my summer was a blast, I got to sail in some of the coolest cities, see one of the wonders of the world, make some awesome friends, see some old ones and win a national title too. None of it would have been possible without the care and support you give me and the sport of sailing so thank you again Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation, you really help me go far!


Greer Wattson