2012 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta

Dear Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation,

I am writing to you today to thank you for the generous grant you gave me for the 2012 Orange Bowl International Youth Regatta in Miami, Florida. I sailed in the C-420 class with SDYC's Scott Sinks. We have been sailing together for almost three years and have had some great success. We were looking to add an Orange Bowl title to our success.

We left Christmas day amped and ready to go. Miami weather was perfect and wind forecasts looked great. Our first day of racing proved the forecasts incorrect as we sat in hot Miami sun waiting for wind. After two and half hours of waiting, they called it. It was good for us to not sail in such poor conditions but also frustrating because we were already one day in with no races scored.

Day two was very light maxing out at about 4 knots but the race committee pounded out five races. We had a very rough day. We were extremely inconsistent and played the alphabet soup game by adding a black flag to our scores. We fought to repeal our black flag and got it. We got it because the pin boat was the only boat to call us over and were not completely anchored so we proved them to be out of view point and therefore unable to call boats over. Our spirits were up and we were ready to go kill it.

Day three was much better. We had all top tens and moved up in the scores significantly. We were in fourth overall looking to take the lead with a good last day until they finalized scores and we saw that we were black flagged again. We were black flagged in a race we got third in. We once again tried to repeal but this time the RC boat called us over and the PRO knew Scott pretty well at this point, as she was who was in the room against him last time around.

We were bummed headed into day four but knew that we wanted to get top ten to redeem our self esteem slightly. We had two okay races and were able to squeeze right into that tenth place spot. We were frustrated but relieved we were able to still accept some hardware.

Overall, it was a great last Orange Bowl. I am so sad that it is my last but so grateful I have been able to go these past four years. I cannot thank the NHSF enough for their endless generosity to my sailing endeavors. All my sailing adventures have changed me as a person and taught me so much. None of it would have been possible without you.

Thank you again!


Greer Wattson