2011 Open Orange Bowl Regatta

Dear Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation,

Thank you for your generous support for the 2011 Open Orange Bowl Regatta. Your contribution made my training and sailing possible in Miami this winter.

This year I sailed with Georgie Ryan from San Diego Yacht Club in the International 420 fleet. We were hosted out of Coconut Grove Sailing Club but before the regatta began, I went out early on December 19th with the Ryan family to train in a clinic coached by Elizabeth Krutzig. The clinic was very productive and I got some time in the I 420 before the Open Orange Bowl and ISAF qualifiers, which were held this past weekend in Long Beach.

Conditions in Miami looked promising, we had warm and windy weather to sail a great regatta in. Both at Open OB and Qualifiers, we took a hit from the start. At Open Orange Bowl we took an RAF and at qualifiers we took an OCS. Learning we had to put on a good face and start digging out of the hole we had dug for ourselves, we did not have that success at Orange Bowl. Wind continued to die day-by-day limiting the amount of races we were able to accomplish. Coconut Grove and Coral Gables are my favorite venues because there is always so much to do and such nice weather. I am a little bummed we were unable to come out strong in Miami but we learned a lot and were still hopeful for the qualifiers.

In Long Beach, the weather reports we not quite as promising. With a high of 4 knots each day, we were fearful of what was to come. We were unable to get a race off the first day, which put the race committee in full race mode the next two days. We started off a little rough with races a little deeper than we had hoped for but we knew we were still in it. With a protest not going our way, things got ugly. We went into the last day not too confident but ended up top ten overall and 4th in our division. We learned so much and gained tremdous experience.

Thank you again for all you do for me and for the sport of sailing. I cannot thank you enough for making my dreams come true. Thanks again!


Greer Wattson