Why Donate...

On behalf of the Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation (NHSF), please consider allocating a portion of your charitable giving to our organization's grant program. Detailed inside are the many benefits your contributions make possible for our recipients. To summarize:

  • Your support allows the Foundation to assist individual young sailors and local high school and college sailing teams, creating opportunities they simply would not have without meaningful financial assistance.
  • We are a local organization, committed to benefiting Newport-area sailors, and to implementing our mission in a simple, direct manner. This means that virtually your entire contribution will be devoted to sailing and program grants.
  • We pay no salaries and accept no wages, and are proud to note that more than 96% of our available funds are applied directly to these grants. We do not engage in co-marketing programs, and we do not share our mailing lists.
  • The Foundation is organized as an IRC 501(c)(3), and your donation will be deductible for Federal and State income tax purposes to the fullest extent of the law.
  • We have a carefully developed investment strategy and our money is managed wisely. We allocate it prudently, mandating that grant recipients provide at least half of the money they need to sail competitively

Donations are appreciated

"The NHSF foundation has been instrumental to my high performance sailing. I can't thank you enough for the consistent support I have received-it's a testament to the Foundation's commitment to sailboat racing at the highest level." Zander Kirkland

"This last summer before college was one of my best. 'Gov Cup' was the highlight...my first real experience match racing as a skipper... going up against some very experienced foreign teams. As with any sailing event many new things were learned and many new friends were made.

For the US Youth Championship, the highlight was racing with my younger brother one last time before I left for college. Now as I sit in my dorm room I take a moment to thank the Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation for their continuous generous support!! Thank you so much for making it possible for my crews and me to have these wonderful experiences. There is much more sailboat racing to come for me in the very near future." Chris Segerblom

"By supporting us financially, Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation provides young sailors like me with the opportunity to pursue goals we may only dream about. I am looking forward to participating in high school sailing and expanding my expertise with the Laser, 420, 29er and CFJ but I will always enjoy sailing my sabot. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals and making dreams come true. Connor Kelter

"Thank you so much for your generous donation for the 2010 South American Championship and 2011 World Championships in Mar del Plata Argentina! We are very honored for this opportunity...and we appreciate the support of the Newport Harbor Sailing Foundation. Thanks!" Tyler Macdonald